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WalkwaysNowadays, more and more people are discovering the health benefits of walking. Aside from serving as a great cardio work out, walking also encourages bonding moments among family members, friends, colleagues, and even community members. This is one reason why walkways are ubiquitous in many residential properties, public places, and even commercial areas.

But while they may seem as no-brainers to create, it is nonetheless vital to remember that expertise and care must be observed when building them. Having well-designed and built walkways provide various benefits such as safe passage from one point of a property to another, as well as much-needed aesthetic lift to outdoor spaces.

Walkway Material Recommendations

As trusted suppliers of landscaping, masonry, and hardscaping materials in Santa Clarita and San Fernando, we know exactly what materials can make any walkway attractive, safe, durable, and functional. This is based on our years of experience dealing with partner suppliers, landscaping contractors, engineers, and property owners.

WalkwaysOne material is asphalt or blacktop, which is probably one of the most affordable paving solutions. However, it can be limited in terms of the design possibilities and can be a deterrent to those who want a more personalized look. There are also attractive wooden walkways, although they don’t quite last long given wood’s natural susceptibility to external factors like rain, sun, and snow.

But there are always the trusty pavers – durable, low maintenance, easy to install, and highly decorative materials that can be used to create unique and stunning walkways. And fortunately, we have long-standing partnerships with some of the most reliable and trusted manufacturers of premium pavers. This allows us to provide the exact paver type that our clients need to complete their walkway creation projects.

Accordingly, some of the paver brands and products that we offer include:

  • Belgard. Belgard is synonymous to quality and is easily one of the most sought-after manufacturers of premium quality pavers. The Urbana and Subterra lines, for example, are coveted for their timeless elegance, exceptional quality, and design flexibility.

  • Angelus. This company’s natural stone pavers are prized for their rustic appeal and hardwearing nature. With products like Quarry Cobble and Slate Stone, Angelus is a great source of premium walkway paving materials.

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  • Acker-Stone. Acker-Stone’s tumbled pavers and palazzo product lines offer stunning color options that can be perfect for highly customized walkways.

  • Olsen Paving. If you’re looking for premium cobblestone pavers that are available in dozens of colors, textures, and sizes, then we recommend this company’s premium products.

  • Pacific Clay. Brick pavers are the strongest suit of Pacific clay – and they have plenty of them in dazzling colors, shapes, and textures.

With all these great options, homeowners and contractors will not encounter a problem in matching the walkway design to the overall theme of the property. Additionally, no matter how small or huge your required paver volume may be, our company has the required logistics capabilities to provide just what you need.

Awesome Walkway Materials

Sand Building Materials has been providing premium walkway materials to countless California property owners and landscaping contractors for years. Our steady partnerships with industry leaders mean that we can supply our clients with all their needed walkway paving materials. Call us today.