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Pavers are the best choice if you need attractive, durable, and environment-friendly materials for your desired outdoor living space. Since they are widely used to build patios, pathways, driveways, and outdoor steps, it is advisable that they be sourced from reliable providers.

Our Reliable Partner Suppliers

Sand Building Materials supplies all kinds of pavers from the well-known manufacturers of quality landscaping materials such as Belgard, Angelus Block, Acker-Stone, and Olsen Paving Stone. They provide high quality paver units in various designs, shapes, and tones, which make them ideal for custom projects.

  • Belgard Pavers. Belgard offers permeable paving solutions that reduce water runoff and allow water to flow back into the soil. This controls and stabilizes soil erosion and is known to help in climate change mitigation and adaptation. Aside from permeable pavers, Belgard also offers interlocking paver units that address the need for an inviting outdoor. A versatile collection of retaining wall blocks and landscaping features will surely create that warm social atmosphere that you want your family and friends to enjoy.

  • Angelus Pavers. They provide the perfect chemistry of organic beauty and functional utility. Their Standard Pavers present a vast range of colors, textures and styles that can satisfy all design needs – whether you aim for an exquisite and classy look for a patio, or a cozy and inviting community plaza. Their line of products also offers permeable paving materials that can help prevent runoff and soil erosion. Their Turfstone Grid Pavers, meanwhile, can be used to create a grassy space for overflow parking or emergency vehicle access.

  • Acker-stone Pavers. If you value design, custom colors, and designer textures, Acker-stone Pavers is the name to look for. With their variety of paver finishes that includes tumbled, shot blast, grind, and hammer, achieving a specific look is a breeze. Their Palazzo line, for example, evokes an atmosphere that is grandiose in size and style. Its range of luxurious textures and distinctive colors create bold and individual statements that would definitely suit the purposes and aesthetics of any residential or commercial development.

  • Olsen Pavers. This company has over three decades of providing quality materials that can prove handy for those who need old world craftsmanship and modern technology. Their products include over 30 paver shapes and colors that can help landscaping contractors, engineers, and property owners create their desired appeal. Their interlocking concrete paver line features functional and earth-friendly pavers that are also no slouch in the looks department.

Your Trusted Source of All Types of Pavers

PaversIf your busy schedule wouldn’t permit you to pick up your desired materials, Sand Building Materials can deliver them on site. This way, you can focus more of your time in building your dream landscape features or outdoor living space. Also, we can supply pavers to small or large paving installation project, whether it is for a residential property or a commercial establishment.

So leave everything to us and make your preparation for a grand finish of your outdoor area stress-free. Call us today or visit us at our San Fernando and Santa Clarita showrooms.