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PatiosA patio is a great place to relax and spend great bonding moments with family and friends. So it is just right to design and build it using the most durable materials that are also appealing in many respects. As suppliers of landscaping and custom masonry materials, it is our primary duty to recommend to our valued clients the best materials possible to help them satisfy their design requirements.

Accordingly, the most common materials that we recommend are pavers and bricks for the flooring and stone veneers for the walls. With this great combination, property owners will achieve the look and theme that they want. And one reliable manufacturer of world-class paving solutions for patios is Belgard Pavers.

Belgard Pavers: Components of Stunning Patios

At Sand Building Materials, we’re fortunate to have some of the most respected and preferred manufacturers of patio paving materials, with Belgard being one of them. Their company offers a wide range of paver product lines that can satisfy various design specifications and target functionalities.

Specifically, some of Belgard’s finest pavers for use in patios include:

  • Mega-Arbel. This patio slab paver line features the look of flagstone with intelligent and efficient interlocking design that ensures snug fit and easy installation. Mega-Arbel pavers are known for their irregular shape that allows for seamless integration into the natural landscape.

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  • Laffitt Rustic Slab. For those who are looking for the texture and appeal of cut slate, this is the perfect material to choose. With Belgard’s signature durability, Laffitt Rustic Slab pavers are ideal for property owners who are after the natural and lasting beauty of slate.

  • Mega Lafitt. If you’re aiming for the natural look of flagstones and the design flexibility of modular shapes, then by all means pick any of the wonderful models under this product line. Available in three patterns and four size options, there’s a wide range of designs to achieve.

  • Turfstone. For those who wish to see verdant patches in their patio vicinity, Turfstone are perfect for them. These nature-friendly paving options not only make patios look inviting, but they also reduce water runoff.

  • Old World. Pavers under this line bring back memories of old European streets. Their time-hewn appeal will surely make any patio look amazingly surreal, yet captivatingly charming.

  • Bergerac. The Bergerac line of premium pavers offers timeless beauty that is also reminiscent of Europe of the olden times. With great size and color options, they can make for truly interesting patio designs that will surely captivate and inspire conversations.

Aside from pavers, clients can also go for brick if they wish to achieve a classic appeal without spending a fortune.

Perfect Themes for Your Patios

PatiosMeanwhile, with the clever and deliberate use of certain paver colors, sizes, and shapes, it’s possible to create various themes that can make any patio stand out. Such themes normally include Old World, Modern, and Contemporary. It’s also possible to go for a custom look or theme – the only limit is one’s imagination.

If you’re in San Fernando or Santa Clarita area, please do drop by our office or call our hotlines. We will be more than happy to answer all your concerns and provide your needed materials to realize your dream patios.