Sand Building Materials
We provide a wide range of Flagstone and masonry products for all your outDoor needs


MasonryMasonry materials are needed in almost all types of construction. Since they are used for building structures such as homes or commercial buildings, property owners should only buy premium quality materials and hire professionals to do the installation or construction work. This will ensure the integrity and durability of the structures being built.

At Sand Building Materials, we offer a wide range of masonry products that were carefully selected and sourced only from reputable manufacturers and suppliers around the country. We want our clients to have the best products so that their construction projects will be completed according to industry standards and will provide positive results.

One-stop-shop for Masonry Products

It has been our goal to provide our valued customers with all their needed masonry products in just one roof. Whether they need pavers for their patios or sealers for their leaking pools, our company can provide all these.

Aside from being a one-stop-shop for all your building materials needs, we also tried to become more accessible to all clients by establishing stores in San Fernando and Santa Clarita. These strategic locations have helped us serve countless satisfied clients since we started doing business in California.

Our Range of Masonry Supplies and Accessories

MasonryWe want our clients to be informed before they buy products or supplies from us. While it would be easy for seasoned contractors to determine their needs, it is usually difficult for DIY homeowners to choose what type of masonry materials they would need and buy. So we decided to give you additional information on the various products that are commonly used or applied in construction projects. Here are they:

  • Pavers and stone veneers. We've been providing clients with top quality pavers and stone veneers that can be used for their driveways, patios, and other outdoor living spaces. Some of the brands that we carry include Belgard, Acker-stone, Olsen Pavers, and Angelus Pavers. Our veneers are also provided by leading companies like El Dorado, Coronado Stone, and East West Stone.

  • Concrete products. We have different types of concrete mixes that will suit any masonry application. Whether you need a fast setting concrete mix or a pre-blended high strength concrete, we have them in our stores. We can also deliver Portland cement, sand, or gravel to project sites.

  • Mortars. Our premium grade mortars are applicable for laying bricks, blocks, and veneers and they can be used in load and non-load bearing applications.

  • Masonry
  • Coatings and patches. Ensuring a well-protected and sealed masonry structure can only be achieved by using premium coatings and patches. We have products that can weatherproof swimming pools, ponds, and retaining walls. They can also be used in both interior and exterior applications. Some of the brands that we have include Krete Kote, Top Crete, and Mulasticoat.

  • Supplies for decorative applications. We also have products used for decorative applications such as concrete stamping tools and staining solutions. The acid stains from Scofield will help you achieve unique and stunning concrete surfaces for your projects.

  • Tools and accessories. Concrete mixers, grinders, block saws, stone splitters, and power pneumatic guns are just some of the masonry tools and equipment that we have in our stores. Just visit our sites to see more of these.

If you are within the areas of Santa Clarita and San Fernando, please drop by our showrooms or call one of our sales people. They will help you pick the best and most appropriate product or supply for your masonry project. Contact us today.