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DrivewaysDriveways primarily serve as portals in and out of the vicinity of public areas, private residences, and commercial establishments. They bear the brunt of constant vehicle traffic, which, in the long run, could result in damages like cracks, pot holes, and the like. In such eventuality, the driveway can be a source of accident and inconvenience to motorists who go in and out of such places.

Knowing this, property owners, builders, engineers, and landscaping contractors should be wary about the materials that they use to build driveways. The most important thing to consider is just how durable the materials are and how well they can cope with heavy loads and constant exposure to free-thaw cycles. Picking the right material for your expected vehicle traffic (light, medium, or heavy) is a way to ensure that your driveway will last long without necessitating any major repair or maintenance procedure.

At Sand Building Materials, we always recommend quality pavers, stones, or bricks to anyone who plans to build a driveway. We have the finest materials that you will ever need to complete your project. Be it a residential driveway or a commercial one, rest assured that we can provide you with the best possible driveway materials no matter how small or large the volume may be.

Driveway Materials and Their Advantages

Different materials render different results and are used for specific vehicle traffic requirements or conditions. Our company provides the finest quality materials for all projects involving construction of driveways. Here are the most common driveway materials and their benefits:

  • Brick. Bricks are proven to provide some great benefits, making them one of the top driveway paving solutions for contractors. Brick pavers are known to be skid-free, durable, nature-friendly, low maintenance, easy to install, and retain their colors longer than other paving options.

  • Gravel. These materials are known to be the cheapest alternative for anyone who wants a paved driveway. Other traits include easy installation and low maintenance.

  • Concrete. Concrete is strong and has the potential to be very decorative (through methods such as staining and stamping). Additionally, a concrete driveway is easy to build and can guarantee positive results through decades of serviceability when handled by professionals.

  • Natural stone. Natural stones are characteristically tough materials, which is why a lot of property owners and contractors use them to build driveways. Natural stones such as marble, granite, and cobblestone promise years of service through proper installation and maintenance.

Driveway Design Options

DrivewaysThere are dozens of available driveway design options that builders, property owners, and contractors may choose from. And because we have ready access to high quality driveway materials (pavers, stones, and bricks), property owners and contractors can have several options on the patterns, designs, or themes. All they have to do is tell us their design specifications and we will gladly recommend the right type of materials for their driveways.

So for your driveway material requirements, please feel free to visit our San Fernando and Santa Clarita showrooms or just dial our hotlines for faster response.